Forum Title: Where is this smell from the laminate coming from?
I have Mcs(multiple chemical sensitivities) and in fear of vocs from new laminate purchased some used ones so that the vocs had gassed off. Now after laying the laminate I covered up the sides(beading area gaps) with duct tape so the new wood smell wouldn't come out. However the laminate was still emitting an very powerful gas which was going to all parts of my flat. I initially thought it was mdf dust and mopped and heap vacuumed it to death for weeks but then I realised it wasn't mdf dust. It was a gas of some sort. I then covered 90% of the laminate with vinyl just to create a small test area. I noticed the smell was still coming from the remaining laminate i.e. it had been reduced by about 90%. I then covered the gaps between laminate on the test area with duct tape because I thought the gas must be coming from inbetween the gaps and not the laminate surface. However despite being 100% closed off gaps it was clearly emitting from the laminate surface. I then duct taped the surfaces and the smell goes. Now these laminate I used were 7 years old. Before I bought them I smelt the surface to check there was no voc smells. So my question is where on earth and what on earth is this smell, how does it permeate through the surface on the laminate? Many thanks
Category: Flooring Post By: SUSAN M (Las Vegas, NV), 02/05/2019

Are you for real?

- Ed Monroe (San Francisco, CA), 05/13/2019

Maybe laminate stinks more in London.

- ANNIE PERRY (Jonesboro, AR), 04/07/2019

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